Friday, September 6, 2013

You GO GIRL!!! Hey, just who is the girl these days?

The flesh and soul eating, parasitic, highly contagious creature from Gehenna!
I have been speaking with someone about this topic.
The word even sounds yucky.
There are a whole lot of things that are wrong with society today.
One could blame politicians, neighbors, music on and on.
In my opinion, the worst thing to hit mankind, is the plague of feminism.
 (yes, I did say mankind not man and woman kind!)
The conversations started out in very broad and general but as the conversations continued it kept zeroing in on FEMINISM and its disgusting effects.
The break-down of the family
The break-down of society
Which made me think about the WHOLE problem in regards to this.
Feminism has made women into men and men in to women.
The dynamics of the very core of society have become so disgusting and distorted.
Women want pretty boys.
Men want sex toys or their own personal slaves.
Dare I even say the next thing . .. . Why yes I will!
No wonder homosexuality runs rampant. 
 People seem to believe we are asexual creatures.
Really folks?
So, my next couple of blog posts will be about this topic.
Because the scope of this topic is too broad to cover in one LONG LONG POST!
I would like other people's input and suggestions as I share my own personal thoughts on it.
My topics will include:
The dignity, duty and honor of being a LADY
The honor and duty of being a REAL MAN
What this means to the REAL FAMILY
MAN and WOMAN - GOD created the differently for a reason
(Sorry, I couldn't resist saying that.)
I think it is important to share.  Not only just to hear myself talk but to get people to think about how it and to help combat it within ourselves and or families.
Men and women should feel proud about their God-given roles and what it means.
As I write, I ask the Blessed Mother and Dear St. Joseph to help us all.
They are the true role models of what men and women should be and what a true family should be.
The Holy Family.
There are two excellent books I would LOVE to recommend to you.
Ladies, for you -
 The Valiant Woman by Monseigneur Landriot
Loreto Publication
For all-
Ungodly Rage - The Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism by Donna Steichen

I would like to type more on this but right now I have children to feed and then
HOOTIE's got to get to WORK!!
I have a job.
Yeah, doing construction.  Really lady-like, huh?
Ahhhhhhh, the irony of my life.
God bless you all!
May the dear Holy Family guide watch over and protect us all.


  1. A must-read-add-on suggestion would be Alice von Hildebrand's "The Privilege of Being a Woman". Absolutely excellent counsels on this very topic of what a TRUE woman is, how the world re-defines her, and why it's important to be counter-cultural in her defense.

  2. Very true indeed! I thank you very much for brining this one up.

    It is all you say! This is a must read for men and women alike.