Sunday, March 30, 2014

A person is a person no matter how small . . . .

Last Thursday, a new little soul was welcomed into Heaven.
Constantine Michael Joseph
Babies have a way of making us all realize what is important.
Our goal and hopefully final destination - HEAVEN
I am delicately sharing this story to help anyone at all who might find themselves or someone they know or love in a similar very difficult position.
This story is not about me but someone I love very dearly.
Wednesday evening I sat in St. Anthony's emergency room.
Tests were ran.
More tests were ran.
At 1:00 Thursday morning, the news came back.
Wow!  I medically understand all of the ramifications of this situation.
The doctor rattled off the options.
1.  Do nothing and let the tube rupture.
2.  Take several heavy doses of a chemotherapy drug and kill the baby
3.  Remove the tube and . . . . all done.
I was sick.  I knew there was no saving the baby but all of it sounded so barbaric.
I immediately thought to myself,  "If it were me I would just let my tube rupture.  I would not willfully ever kill my baby!!"
I looked at this dear person laying there and knew that was not the answer either. 
What to say.  It shamefully crossed my mind,  "A miscarriage would be easier."  But I knew that is just as painful.  When you are pro-life, a life is a life.  The loss of that life is never easy.
Think.  Think.  Think.
If you have never been to St. Anthony's hospital, they have the nicest chapel I have ever seen at a hospital.
I went there to pray.  What to do?  What to say?
I returned to the room.  I told this person that I had nothing good to say or think about the chemotherapy option.  You are just down right killing the baby.
After speaking to the doctor again the very best and most beautiful option was agreed upon.
When the baby was removed from the fallopian tube it would be immediately baptized.
So that is exactly what happened.
I returned exhausted Thursday night.  One of my sons paced well into the night.
I finally asked if he wanted to talk about everything that had happened.  I realized that I had really struggled with this situation morally.  How would I explain this to my son.  I am very pro-life.  Always have been.  Always will be.
I sat down with him.  I prayed deeply that God would give me the words to explain to this boy in a most tender manner.  He had been excited about the baby too and was really hurt and confused.
So big breath.  Those that know me well would know what courage it took to draw a uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes.  Explain how a baby implants into the uterus in a normal situation and why this was different.
He understood the medical and risks such as I did but questioned the pro-life issue again.
I am glad I am Catholic.
"Well, here is where you must remember that there are two parts of a body - The physical body and the spiritual one - the soul.  As you know the soul is the most important part.  If the baby had been much bigger in the mommy's tummy and there was a life threatening issue, the baby would be delivered early, immediately baptized and then they would do everything they could to save the baby.  This baby's life was in danger.  This baby was about to die too.  What the doctor did was go in and deliver this very tiny baby.  It was immediately baptized. At this time, there are no life saving procedures medically known to save this baby so it did die but the most important part of the baby was saved.  Its soul.  So every thing was done to save the baby.  Spiritually first.  Physically second."
It was the very best and most beautiful outcome for a very difficult situation.
After talking to my sister and a few other people who know people who have had ectopic pregnancies, they stated that they felt that they had aborted their baby.  I can certainly understand why.
So I share my newest pro-life story in the hopes that it can help someone else.
All life should be cherished.  All life should be respected.
It belongs to God.  A soul was created to return to Him.  To know, love and be happy with Him in Heaven forever.
So little Constantine, all of Heaven rejoices a new little saint has joined the ranks.  That makes this story very, very happy.
Deo Gratias.

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